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When it comes time to PCS or move, there are several things to consider when selling your home: condition, time of year, improvements, price, taxes and so much more! You don’t need to stress about that, let us help you with that.

Our one on one consultation is the best tool we can provide you. We go over how to prepare your home, inform you about the current market offers, create a customized valuation report for you, and ensure you have the best experience during the process!

Schedule a consultation.


Our In Home Consultation Includes

  • Current home values
  • HOA home compliance
  • Laying out timeline for preparation
  • List of improvements that need to be done prior to selling
  • Ensuring any work that required permits have been closed or in progress
  • Introduce you to tax professional to ensure you aren’t subject to HARPTA
  • And most importantly - understanding your PCS needs!

Don’t worry if you have less than 6 months, we can work quickly to ensure you are taken care of. Contact us right away!
Don’t know what HARPTA tax withholding is? Let us go over that with you!

6 Months to Sell

If you have a PCS date, we have a step by step 6 month guide that will help you. You can find that in our Resources and check out our Blogs. Our FREE in home consults are best to go over the 6 month guide so that we can see the condition of your home and help you prep with plenty of time, and less stress!

Your Free Home Valuation Tool

This valuation tool will provide a near estimate to what you could see for the value of your home. We go a step further after you receive this, and create another customized report with your home features. Go ahead – give it a try! We’ll be in touch soon for a customized report!

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