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Congrats on your orders to Hawaii!

Hawaii is a special place that requires a lot of work to get here, and a lot of work to decide on where you will live. You have options that include living on base, renting, and purchasing a home. We can assist you by providing a list of base housing options, setting up a customized rental search, and a free buyer consultation to see what option is best for you. Interested? Contact us so we can schedule!


Buying a Hawaii home comes with great reward, but also comes with home ownership responsibilities - don’t be afraid of it! Many military families that we have helped purchase a home, have also sold and realized a return - just by owning their home!

How is that? Appreciation. Hawaii is one of the lowest states for property taxes, and also one of the highest for appreciation. That means your monthly dollars are going more toward principal and less property taxes, reducing your overall monthly mortgage amount.

From 1985 to 2020, single family homes have increased 4.7% per year, for a total of 423.3% increase in 36 years! Condos have increased 4.48% per year, for a total of 384.4% over 36 years! The housing market does go through periods of change where prices fluctuate, but have historically improved. Let’s schedule a consultation to discuss your home needs. Contact Us

Information provided by the Honolulu Board of Realtors Historical Data
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Your BAH, your Money - Invest In Yourself

By now, you might have looked up Hawaii BAH rates. If not, use this calculator to determine your rate BAH Calculator. Now that you see your monthly rate, see what that looks like in 3 years.

What will you do with this tax free BAH to find a home?

  • Will you rent? Paying someone else’s mortgage
  • On base? Convenient but all BAH taken unless in a money saver home.
  • Buy? Let’s look at that

As you own, you are paying down the principle, effectively building equity. This equity can be used for future projects, or you can take these gains when you PCS and apply them to your next home purchase. If you PCS and own and sell your home at each duty station, there is a good chance you will have a large amount of equity built up and you can continue working toward a partially paid off retirement home or no mortgage at all! That’s what we want to do - help YOU build wealth through homeownership!

If after 3 years of Hawaii home ownership, you only take $50,000 with you from the sale of your home - you are doing better than renting! (Unless you can find a really cheap place to rent and live happy!)

2023 Hawaii Monthly BAH


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One of the biggest rewards of ownership is turning the house into your home by improving it. You can make light repairs, or major renovations depending on the home and what you want! Watch out for those HGTV shows, they’ll give inspiration, but will also make the “Hunny-Do” list long!

Make small improvements over time so that you can still live in the home at the same time. Be careful to not over improve the home that might make your home worth more than the entire neighborhood for the current market. We can help you understand what improvements can do for you. Reach out for a Consult on that.


With everything, there is maintenance. Yes! Your home requires maintenance if you want appliances to last longer and maintain the condition of your home. This also helps the value when you decide to sell. As a new home owner, even the smallest of things can scare you. As an experienced home owner, you will see some things are very minor to repair - you just have to know where to look! Don’t let the idea that your home needs maintenance scare you out of home ownership, learn how to take care of your home!

We’ve put together a monthly maintenance home plan specific to Hawaii that will help you stay on top of the small things and help prevent a bigger issue later. Download this resource, but feel free to reach out for more tips! Click for Resources


When it’s time to move or PCS, we’ve got you covered! Within 6 months of you PCSing from Hawaii, reach out to us and we’ll go over “6 months to Sell”. Learn more about selling here: Time to Sell!

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