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10 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Hawaii Home

Posted by admin on September 6, 2022

Clear out closet space

When the clothes and shoes start to pile up or you run out of hangers, that’s a good sign to get rid of a few items! Many local charitable organizations, like Assistance League Hawaii or Salvation Army Honolulu, will take gently used clothing and accessories; and if you’re looking to resell your duds for some extra cash, try using a consignment shop like Pzazz or Plato’s Closet. Having an uncluttered closet will erase the dread of getting dressed..and who knows, you may rediscover a shirt you thought you lost!

Move large furniture to vacuum and dust

It’s not practical (or any fun!) to move couches or other heavy appliances on a regular basis; however, dust bunnies tend to live under these bigger pieces of furniture. Grab your spouse or a helpful neighbor, push your large items aside, and vacuum up all the dust! The plus side? It’s a good excuse to rearrange a room you’ve been wanting to freshen up!


Do the Ground Work

It’s no surprise that we spend a lot of time outdoors in Hawaii…

… but sometimes life gets in the way and we let our yards, outside spaces, and lanai’s get a little…messy. Cutting the grass, planting a few new flowers or starting a small garden, and tidying up outdoor living areas will make relaxing in the yard with a cocktail all the more enjoyable when you’re finished! Shop for pretty blooms at local nurseries like Koolau Farmers or Mari’s Gardens and enjoy decluttered living from the outside to the inside.

Zap the pests

For those of us with no central air conditioning, windows and doors stay open year-round, and with that comes…bugs. Try making your own bug-repellent with citrus oil and water or witch hazel to ward off ants and cockroaches (warning: essential oils can be harmful to pets, so this DIY is better left to households without furry family members!). After cleaning hard-to-reach-corners, wiping down baseboards, and clearing out cabinets, spritz the solution all-around to prevent future critters from coming in!

Photo: Paige Cody via Unsplash

Designate a play space for the keiki

Let’s face it, seeing toys scattered in your main living space (and stepping on dreaded Lego blocks) can make cleaning up a space and keeping it clean feel like a never-ending chore. Specify a certain room or area of the house to keep all the kids playthings. Let your little ones help move and organize their toys in this new space to give them a sense of ownership!

Clean dust particles at the source 

Wipe down the vents in your home if you have central air conditioning and change air filters that may have been neglected the past few months. Take a wet rag or microfiber cloth to ceiling fans and oscillating fans. It’s also a great time to open up doors and windows to ventilate rooms that don’t normally catch a cross breeze.

Create a catch-all

Do you ever come home to realize the mail, keys, and random receipts are scattered around the kitchen and other main spaces? Designate a spot near the door where the whole family drops off important items like school documents, keys, and loose change. This will help keep clutter down in other spaces. Keep things stylish by using a pretty catch-all dish like this one from Etsy!

Scrub the tub

Bathrooms can get dirty quickly! Although many of us clean this area of the house regularly, use a spring cleaning day to launder your shower mats and curtains. If you have tile flooring, consider crafting your own grout cleaner (we like this simple, three-ingredient recipe) and use a hard-bristle cleaning brush to remove dirt and grime. Don’t forget to clean out the shower and sink drains — hair build-up is usually the culprit for slow draining.

Photo by Nadia Pimenova on Unsplash

Organize the pantry

Kitchens are one of the most-used spaces in the home, where meals are shared, and quality family time is spent! In the hustle and bustle of meal prepping and cooking family dinner, drawers, pantry space, and refrigerators can get disorganized and unkempt. Consider purchasing organizational containers to group similar foods and snacks together. Throw away expired items and donate kitchen supplies you haven’t used in over a year.

Create a schedule

Cleaning up, clearing out, and organizing all at once can feel a bit overwhelming. Remember, don’t go it alone — invite the whole family to help! Make clean living more achievable by creating a weekly or monthly cleaning chart and assigning each person in your household tasks to complete. A fun music playlist and quick breaks for ice cream are great ways to keep morale high.

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